Environmental Sanitation
The environmental sanitation is an operation aimed at the total elimination of any bacteria and contaminant which by using the normal cleaning process would be impossible to remove, as its goal is to restore the microbiological and viral load within the acceptable healthy level.
Trust our technicians in the disinfection and sanitation treatments performed in accordance to the decrees of the Ministry of Health through the use of certified products as the sodium hypochlorite solution diluted to 0.1%, 70% ethyl alcohol and 0.5% hydrogen peroxide taking account of the type of material, the use and environment, paying attention to the correct use for each of the surface to be treated.
Sanitation with Atomizers and certified detergents
Houses And Flats Sanitation
Hairdressers and Beauty Centre Sanitation
Sanitation of schools, banks, commercial and legal officesSchools, Institutes, Banks, Commercial and Legal Offices Sanitation
Care Homes Sanitation
Public Transports Sanitation
Hotels and Restaurants Sanitation
Industrial Sheds and Warehouses